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The Way, the Truth and the Life

The Art –


The Man lives in constant terror of the end of his miserable world. Since ancient times announcing this tragic episode. "The end of the world is near." Many tried to interpret the various prophecies: "thousand no longer thousand!" And said with the approach of the year Thousand the fear increased.

Fear that passed quickly when they saw that the year ended and nothing happened, bringing a wave of culture and technology.

The years slide, but the Man does not change. The end of another millennium loomed and fear, or hope, that the Millennium Bug would strikes computers shocked his heart but the computers didn't go crazy and life continued as usual.

One year passed and the fear came again. The terrorist attack in New York, in September
2001, attracted a lot of attention and the friction between America and the Middle East grew increasingly. All thought that the Third World War was close, but Nature does what men are unable to do.

2012 a meteorite entered the trajectory of the Earth, ultimately crashing in the Atlantic Ocean, creating a powerful tsunami that flooded England and the coasts of Europe and Africa and the United States. Fortunately, their populations were prepared from time to this event, who evacuating the area, who building a counter-atomic bunker. The buildings on the surface were swept away. Most Americans fled in Asia.

The collision of the temperature increased significantly, evaporating the water and surrounding. A strange phenomenon of electromagnetism, which the meteorite was extremely load, attracted heavy metals under the ocean, creating a emerged huge oval island. It was so great that people could see it from the coasts of the two continents. The electromagnetic wave sent out of use for some time every electrical equipment. The Great Powers of the Earth made a peace treaty and joined to create new technologies and energy sources.

That is what happened in
2015. They made devices that used its electromagnetism that a few years earlier, they would have switched off. It was then that other forms of energy were replaced: cars, planes, television, radio, appliances, all used this form of energy. This wave of technology led to a new spirituality: men approached religion and breathed air of peace.

Given that nobody was worried about the war anymore, technology research quickly advanced and came to its peak in
2020, when the science met with nature disciplines. In fact, they discovered that the equipment could use the electromagnetic energy released from any living being, instead of the batteries and these energies had to be fed by natural practices. And while this type of technology took foot, was born a religious tide that was opposed to this, saying that it was blasphemous against God, and every one made fun of them: "The only people who do not possess the technology."

However, it appeared that over the years the people who stuck to this line of thought increase, counting many scientists. More time passed the more people lose sight of the main concept of the technology and where took sustenance, ending with neglect practices of bio-energy. This led to a high mortality for those who used the equipment and those who use it most did, it would soon shut down because the machines were using their energy that was not recharged, giving right to those religious who had rebelled in past. Technology made a leap backwards, to the preceding stage. People who still used the bio-energy migrated toward the east, keeping alive traditions and religious nature.

Those who in the past had denied the technology sought new sources of energy and rediscovered the use of magic. The head of this "sect", Sirto, founded a magical citadel, where went to live with many of his followers.

Meanwhile, in areas close to the meteorite, ware found many cases of people changed, presumably because of radiation. The reactions of the two continents were very different: while in America the mutates were persecuted and driven from the city, in Europe they managed to hide and scatter trough the lands.

This went on until
2040 when Technological decided to eliminate them, creating cyborg to sent at war. That took place in America: civilians were evacuated from there. At the beginning cyborg were in high advantage: the power of fire of every single soldier stood at a tank, while mutated were forced to basic weapons and their natural talents. But the mutated of the world didn't stay to watch: the strongest and most fit for combat went to the aid of their kin, because they couldn't use public transportation, since broken off, to arrive in America they crossed the Big Island of Meteorite. The surprise attack worked: the war lasted 3 years, the cyborg were forced to retreat and America became the land of Mutates.

2045 the coexistence between different classes settled: in the city ware living together Technologics, Magics and Spirituals, most of the population belonged to Technologics, while the other two classes were in the minority, however, were the only regions where they lived Spiritual or Magics: Nipponia and the Kingdom of Avalon. No one dared to return to America.

Now we are in
2050, there are no longer great wars, the families of each class teach their children to use their quality, magic, technology and the potential of the body, teaching their children what is right for them…

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